Core Contributors: Expenses, Leave and Compensation
Open Collective will cover the following expenses:
    Travel, accommodation & meals during Sprints
    Travel to conferences (pre-validation required)
    Personal development workshop/classes (pre-validation required)
Core contributors are responsible for:
    Office, Hardware / Internet
    Commute / Lunches
Core contributors (& part-time contributors) should submit their invoices to the corresponding collective:


    25 days a year, paid
    Unlimited unpaid leave (make sure everything is organized and anyone can take on your tasks). Please note we are a startup and on a constrained budget that can change by the time you are back. Over 3 months unpaid leave, we can’t guarantee that we’ll able to pay you again.
Parental Leave:
    25 days paid (your vacations)
    6 months unpaid. Please note that we are a startup that is not sustainable yet and our situation might change but we will strive to pay you again after 6 months of parental unpaid leave.


Open Collective
    USD $100,000 (Pia)
    USD $80,000 (Alanna)

Open Collective Engineering

The engineering team (François, Ben, Leo, Sudharaka) use a public formula for compensation:
In addition to this, every engineer in the team is granted a $100 monthly gift card to contribute to the projects of their choice.
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