Core Contributors: Communication


Most daily communication happens in Slack.
    DM if it’s urgent/personal
    Use public channels by default
    Thread replies for ease of flow
Make sure you join the appropriate channels for your area (#engineering #design #internal-support #support etc) We try to have most conversations on open channels. We will invite you to the private Team channel which we use for internal conversations.


    Remove people from cc'd in threads if their attention is not needed
    Being cc'd is assumed to be an FYI only (no expectation of reply)
    Address as to in an email: there’s an expectation of a reply.
    If email communication is being handled, put the rest of the people in the thread in bcc so they know it’s been taken care of but doesn’t keep popping up in their inboxes.
Mentions (Figma, Mockups, Github, Slack)
    There’s an expectation of a reply.

Weekly Calls

    Monday 330pm CEST / 930am EST: Weekly meeting: weekly planning, review of To Dos, numbers and open issues. This is the document we use to track our weekly goals.
    Tuesday-Thursday: daily standup. A Rough account of what we are up to & blockers.
    Wednesday 830am CEST / 830PM NZT: EU/NZ Fortnightly Meeting
    Friday 3pm CEST / 9am EST: Friday Demo: We present the week’s progress. If you need to make a presentation you can use this template
Monday and Friday calls are recorded for team members who can’t make the time.


Conversations about features, feedback, bugs, etc must be reported on GitHub. This allows us to properly track them.
Main Repo: All issues should be posted in the main repo.
Bugs: We provide a template for bug reporting - Please follow up as much as possible
Features: Features have a template that starts with the user. For example, As a Collective Admin, I want to…


We use Freshdesk to track user support requests. If you receive a support inquiry that can’t be solved immediately (e.g. on Slack or email), you can create a Freshdesk ticket for follow up. You may be assigned support tickets that relate to projects you’re working on.

Team Retreats

We organize quarterly Team Retreats to bring the whole team together for 3-4 days. There is an expectation that everyone (within reason) participates. If you live very far away from where the retreat takes place, or it’s hard for you to travel we ask you to try to come at least once a year.
The Design team normally sends one member per retreat so they all get a chance to participate.
We will cover expenses for you to join. Please submit the receipt of your travel to the relevant retreat event on our Collective. Please try and take the train when possible! If you are coming from far away and the ticket is expensive, please contact Alanna ([email protected]) to sort it out.
You can find previous retreats docs here.
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